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Glue didn’t really have to get better, but they have. With barely 25 minutes of recorded music to their name—spread across a demo, an EP and a tour tape—our appetite for the band’s distinctive take on hardcore had hardly been sated. However, their latest foray ups the ante in all respects, not only pushing against the edges of their sound in the ways you might expect when a band releases its first 12” record, but also by taking the things they already did well even further. Listening to Glue has always felt like you’re standing next to a ticking time bomb, but something about this latest recording with its noisy, everything-in-the-red mix makes the band sound even more explosive, and I pity the soul who tries to sit still while this thing is on the turntable. However, once you get past the immediate, visceral thrill that this record inspires, you’ll be able to appreciate how Glue are expanding upon the primal beats and weirdly circular, almost psychedelic take on hardcore riffing that has made them stick out from the pack since the beginning. “Flowers of Friendship,” with its bright, major key main riff, smashes together Glue’s savage hardcore with a traditional oi! vibe to interesting results, and the closing track is built around a hard-driving rock riff that sounds like it was lifted straight off of an old Judas Priest record. Glue don’t leave hardcore behind with this record, but they don’t let it limit them either, proving that this 35-year-old framework still has the capacity to inspire music as relevant and as exciting as anything the genre has produced so far.

The record includes artwork by Kelsey Henderson and is released simultaneously in the USA by Glue Records and Europe by La Vida Es Un Mus in time for Glue’s June 2017 European tour.

All proceeds from digital sales will be donated to Lysistrata NYC; an organization that provides services to survival sex workers, who are disproportionately from already marginalized communities. Donate generously.

From their website: "Lysistrata is a sex workers mutual care collective. We are sex workers who are dedicated to providing direct services and funding to other sex workers in need due to the closure of the Adult Services section of Backpage, illness, incarceration, homelessness, or any number of variables that affect their ability to make a living. We are largely funded by higher end sex workers who recognize the difficulties of being a survival worker, but the supply of donations from amongst our own hasn't come close to keeping up with demand."

Recorded by Hans Zimmerman
Mastered by Arthur Rizk

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