Kicks "the Secret/Return of the Action Men" 7"

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KICKS: Return of the Action Man b/w The Secret
Or...the on-going struggle of the Brisbane Punk Rock rabble from the
suburbs, The Young Identities, to rule the world. One 45 at a time.

By 1980, punk as we knew it was having a bit of a personality crisis. The
Pistols we dead and buried, The Clash had lost the plot and...Oh No!
come the Mohawks. After nearly 3 years (and nearly as many chords) The Young
Identities decided to try something different if not entirely distant. They
still get a buzz from fast and sinister music so they change their name to
KICKS and release a very limited edition cassette singe titled
'Leather/Godzilla'. Sounding fresh,brash and furious but with more depth
than previously heard, the boys continued to expand on the new noise with
the 1981 vinyl double A side follow up 'Return of the Action Man/The Secret'
The single sold well locally and was an acknowledged influence on new and
upcoming bands like Mystery of Sixes and Public Execution.


A - The Secret

B - The Return if the Action Man